Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anna Lately

Anna is a hoot.

So she is 6 months now (well almost 7)
Where has the time gone?
I don't want to forget anything about her right now because I know she's changing so fast!

At her 6 month appointment she was 21.5 pounds and 26 inches.
so that's like 120% weight for height. Fat and happy!

She loves to jump in her jumperoo.
Aside from paper, plastic bags and anything resembling a cord, The barn her grandpa gave her for Christmas is her all time favorite toy. She pulls the barn down on top of her and sucks the heck out of the animals. She has a particular taste for lamb (as seen in picture above) Like most normal people, she doesn't really like to eat horse.

Anna is really into eating now. I feed her rice cereal mixed with prune juice. The corner market had old wilty squash for 50 cents a piece. So I bought it all and boiled it up for her. She loves it! Can't get enough. She also eats sweet potatoes and peas, but doesn't like the texture of either of these. Oh yeah, and she's a bit like a goat (as in she puts everything she can in her mouth), so I have to watch her close to make sure she doesn't choke. Anna is sure proof that vegetarian diets aren't the way to get skinny!!

Her main mode of transport is me - but can also roll everywhere she wants to go. When she doesn't like the direction she's headed she just gets on her tummy and rotates herself like a clock until she's aimed in the right direction. Sometimes she gets up on all fours, but it only happens when she's sort of angry. I tell her to learn from her friends that crawl, but she's really into doing things her own way. She still likes the sling even though to fit she has to have her toes to her nose. And anytime she is grumpy all you have to do to cheer her up is to take her for a stroll in the bob. Best purchase ever.

If you have to give her personality a color I would say it is a yellow. When people are around, Anna is happy. Right now she is jumping behind me in the jumperoo and everytime I turn around she laughs and laughs. She laughs when you tickle her. She laughs when you pop her up in the air. She laughs in her bed as she pulls her blankets over her head. ( see movie below) She laughs at daddy when he comes home. You can't even imagine how much she laughs when you put her in front of the mirror - especially when naked. If she was an adult you might think she was a plotting supervillian with all of this laughing.

Like most yellow people, anna is also a chatter box. She talks during baby time while the librarian is reading. she talks during our stoller rides. Right now she is chit chatting with the elephant and toucan on the rainforest jumperoo. I'm pretty sure she's going to be one of those people who talk with their hands when she grows up - because she gets really animated while squaking as seen in the picture above (she's flapping her arms like a penguin). She talks herself to sleep (when she is finished laughing) and she talks to herself when she wakes up in the morning. I simply love her goos and gaaas and doo daaas.

Anna used to sleep through the night. But when she got bronchiolitis, she had a hard time breathing and waking up several times coughing. So glad that is now over. Our trip to Utah/Colorado also messed with her ability to sleep on her own - but hopefully that will be fixed as now we are home. The night we got back she started crying at 3 or 4, so I went in there and her arms were stuck between the crib slats. She just looked up at me like MOM! SAVE ME! It's rough being a baby! Last night I went in there at 4 after she'd cried for about an hour, and as soon as I picked her up she was tooting and tooting. She's gassy like her momma! I felt bad for her so she spent the night with us. Farting it up every 15 minutes...poor baby.

I've made her sound perfect, but she is definitely not. She wines and cries like all babies. When angry or frustrated she blows raspberries. She makes lots of poopy and wet diapers and tries to roll away when I change her. She tries to roll over in the bathtub and cries when I wash her hair. Sometimes she wants me to hold her all the time and sometimes she wants nothing to do with me. Most of the time she will pay by herself, but lately she freaks out when I leave the room. She's getting better in the car, but will cry and cry sometimes which makes driving anywhere too far away a pain. Going to church is a pain these days! You know, she's pretty much just a regular old baby. And we couldn't ask for anything better. We just love her and are so glad she's stuck with us forever.
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Oblad girl said...

I absolutely love the mittens on her feet. So funny. In that video, you are listening to Darius Rucker- he's a Charleston native and country singer! The music video of that song- Come Back- is shot all over Charleston. I just put the link up on my blog. Go check it out!

You should seriously start a journal or picture book for Anna or something so one day she can look back on all of this fun stuff you are writing about her.

Paul said...

Good Blog-lots of pictures

Richard and Nicole said...

Jenn - the funny thing is that I was listening to the link from your blog when i took that video! I watched the movie and liked it so it stayed on for an hour or so - charleston is a cool place! so different from here and just like it looks in your pictures! esp your christmas card ones.....

Heartfelt Blossoms said...

I think I need to come see Anna in her own element. She was cute, but sick when she came to see us. I miss her and hate being so far away.

Liv said...

This is a great post about her!

Breea and Bryan said...

She sure is cute.