Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a very richard weekend

i.e. we went fishing and golfing and planted vegetables and dug more of the back yard and since I was with him - ate some good food (not pictured due to rapid consumption: blueberry fritters and strawberry shortcake with real whip cream)
some guy down stream got a snag and it pulled his pole down the river - oops.
i sat on the rocky shore and read a stupid book about babys. this is the just of what it says: babies cry, they are ugly when they first come out, they dont make any purposeful movements for a long time, but you are going to love them anyways.
pro - just like tiger - minus the secret life and that jazz.

Richard kept telling me to keep my arms straight. but its hard with a belly in the road.and the maternity pants aren't working for me. they kept falling off. didn't want to give someone more excitement than they hoped for friday night!


Kasi said...

ha ha. You crack me up. I'm impressed you golfed! I'm sure I would have pulled something attempting that. And the book is right- they do cry so very much and most babies (not mine, of course) are ugly when they come out and you do love them anyway! I'm so excited for you! And your belly is so cute!

amylynn said...

Fun Fun in the Sun!
Umm, those pants are huge. You need to let your butt grow into them... hopefully not right!