Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A baby shower

My dietitian pals at work decided to throw me a party! It was a ton of fun. Richard says - "you have a lot of old lady friends!" That's how I've always been though, some of my best friends growing up were old people - they are just so interesting to talk to and make very kind and dependable friends! - and anyways, they don't seem like old ladies to me at all, I often forget they they aren't all 20 somethings.

Of course there were food related gifts - these are baby food ice cube trays.
Home-made gifts are my favorite. This is my best bud at work - Lorri. She was taking all the pictures and I told her she had to be in the one with her blanket - she's always saying funny things to make me laugh. I kind of look like a hyena laughing here - but that's alright. It's a sunrise/sunset blanket - pretty huh?
There is no dietitian party with out food! They made me a full on dinner - of course we ate a ton of vegetables and had carrot cake for dinner......We played games where they guessed which features (of mine and richards) I wanted baby Anna to have - its fun to think about what she's going to look like! Only 10 more weeks! Thanks guys!


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Baby showers are fun! It would have been fun to go to that one-I'm sure the food was good and nutritious! Yea-10 weeks!

amylynn said...

I'm glad you've got some good ladies taking care of you sister!!! What a beautiful blanket. I can't wait to see you and baby Anna.

Richard and Nicole said...

nellie - yea 10 weeks is right!
sissy poo. can't wait for you to come see baby anna!

Anonymous said...

RDs tend to be very nuturing. What a fun shower.