Wednesday, April 21, 2010

shower #4 !

Anna has been so blessed by the women in my life!!

I had another shower last night hosted by the relief society at church. Those wonderful women! I didn't get any pictures at the shower because i was too busy chatting, and, well, opening a plethora of presents! I can't believe how giving those women are........... But I was so glad it was a combined shower with another cute pregnant lady at church, who is having a boy and actually lives just few houses down from me - who knew! ( I think there are 6 or 7 people due from may to august at church!! - talk about multiply and replenish the earth!)

I did get some pictures of the gifts this morning though. Lennae, who hosted the party, made this amazing diaper cake - so cute!
Lennae also made this beautiful blanket. She went all out. What an amazing woman!

My friend liz gave me a bunch of girl clothes (she has 3 little girls) - but my favorite outfit is this punk rocker outfit. She says if her youngest is being a punk (Lina is currently about 5 months old), she dresses her like one so that when daddy comes home - he knows whats been up that day (; You're so funny liz! Thanks for being a great friend. Oh yeah - and she got a present for richard too - CAKE BREAD (grandma sycamores yum yum)My friend Kristin also came from Lake Oswego. She got this natural sheep since we are hippy-ish! So fun. It makes sleeping noises. I am sleeping with that one!

I LOVE homemade presents. An older lady in my ward hand knitted this sweater - isn't it darling (: SO PINK!!WE ARE SO BLESSED. THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF US !


Anonymous said...

Love the 2 new blankets & the sweater. Wow! Friends are wonderful! LV MOM

Oblad girl said...

AWESOME. I'm glad you had fun and got so much awesome loot! Love the punk rocker outfit- so Nicole.