Sunday, April 11, 2010

the great excavation

Our light and fit veggie starts. Lettuce is the only thing thriving.

A Dr. Suess creature. Actuall, cabbage going to seed. Although it was not consumed by the slugs - the cabbage didn't do so good. I guess too much time in the ground without light.

The great excavation site. Richard has started on the patio. I plan and plan and get frusterated. Richard listens to my plans and gets started. What a man.

A good replacement for the gym when this baby is full of dirt...actually ....clay.

Yesterday i decided to help. so I sat and sorted out rocks to fill up our drainage system. This is my rock pile. Richard has been doing this for days. After one day, I got impatient and said - enough. We went to Wilco and bought a screen. No more sorting rocks by hand. Unless someone has a 4 year old they would let us borrow....

I hope to be able to enjoy our backyard within the next few months!!


Oblad girl said...

WOW, compared to the craziness we saw in the background last July (by no fault of your own, that is, since you just bought the house), this looks amazing! Good work, guys!

Puffer Love said...

NICOLE! I have a 4 year old and an ALMOST 3 year old you can borrow!! Serious! They might not get the rocks in the right place but it will keep them busy!

Andrew said...

Did you decide what your going to do? Those MC Escher pavers are pretty awesome!

Breea and Bryan said...

few months? tell richard to dig faster.