Sunday, January 31, 2010

feeling like a boat.

i swear i only had 3 cookies for bfast.......
Benefit of looking pregnant: richard is starting to think its real.
today he participated in thinking about names.
After I said no to several basketball football baseball wrestling names - Rich moved on to all his best friends names. then he opened up the bible.
So Theodore may now be out and timothy may be in. If its nerdy - I like it.
I've got to find something to wear to church.


Hip Heiner Fun said...

You look adorable with that belly! Enjoy it!

Joanna and Chris said...

You look good. Not big at all. Your lucky to have a long torso. Can you imagine me pregnant?!? My hips and ribs are practically touching. So is it a boy?

Sherpa said...

Ah, the bump is cute.

I like Timothy.

If I remember right, Rich was a fan of Ted Nuce (Bull Rider). I'm sure his full name was Theodore.

Oblad girl said...

I'm also wondering that- so you're having a boy? Craziness. You're definitely one of those pregnant people that only carry the weight gain in the cute prego-belly.

Jessica said...

You look awesome! very fit. thanks for posting those pics. And I totally agree - I like the nerdy names, too :) They are kind of sweet.

Richard and Nicole said...

thank you virginia, I'm lov'n your clothes!

hooray for nerdy names! nice to see you on blogger again jess!

Sherpa - you'll have to call rich and remind him of that!

Jenn - i believe our phone chat answered your question

Joanna! - you make me laugh. you are just going to go out because there will be nowhere else for baby to go - it will be like carrying a watermelon on your belly i bet! I can't wait to see you prego!