Thursday, January 21, 2010

no baby's rooms here.

Now that the kitchen is almost done (got to finish painting and sanding today), I've been dreaming of a tigger and pooh bedroom. Im not a lover of anything pastel really. So i've been hunting more for kid's room ideas than for baby room ideas.

So home depot had a paint sale and I bought the paint. Now I got to decide what kind of wainscoating i want. Maybe I should look at a crib before I spend all the money painting.....nah.....where's the fun in that?

But I havn't lost my tight-wad ways. I got both of these ditty's for 10 bucks at Goodwill (aka non-mormon DI).

Going to go perfectly with the amass of tigger crap I've saved since 7th grade.

And my little brother's old bumper pad from 13 years ago.

If anyone has old tigger/pooh stuff they don't want....let me know!


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

So cute! I love the Whinny the Pooh and tigger idea. And it's great, cause it's neutral! So, are you going to find out what you're having? And if yes, when?

Wish we could be having fun doing all this baby stuff together.

Miss you Colie! aka fartso smartso :)

Oblad girl said...

Wow- you kept all of your tigger stuff? That's impressive...