Thursday, January 14, 2010

you know you are pregnant when

1. people start rubbing your belly (starting to happen at work, at the gym, at church)
all of the sudden everyone wants to know how you are feeling.
3. the favorite conversation starter of strangers changes from "how about the weather" to "whats the sex?"
4. your pants fit funny and your shirts like to hike up to create the ultimate beer belly effect
5. you have electric boobs (thank you elton john)
6. you crave peanut butter and pickles (not together, but I did eat them both within 1/2 hour of eachother)
7. you have an excuse not to do the hard crunches at the gym
8. despite feeling like you have a bowling ball in your lower parts you are always hungry
9. because of having a ball in your lower parts your have to make small but frequent tinkle stops

thats it for now (: this is the best profile I could get by myself.


Puffer Love said...

Nicole! you are so cute!! and I HATE #1!!

Hip Heiner Fun said...

Well, you have always loved peanut butter, so just make sure you by the economy size so you aren't always running out! And that belly is just so adorable!

We love you and miss you tonz!!!

Oblad girl said...

Man... people rubbing your belly- that's a little freaky. It's kind of like- if you didn't rub my stomach before I was pregnant, you probably shouldn't be doing it now.

PB has always been an obsession of yours, my friend. =)

WOW, how surreal is that to see a pic of your growing baby! cool!!

Richard and Nicole said...

liz - oh yeah i know its the wierdest thing isn't it

virginia - I wore one of your maternity shirts today! hooray for hand me downs! if bought economy sized pb it would be no good! i would eat one really big jar each week instead of 1 regular sized jar.

jen - yeah - i know, i love PB.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

You are so funny! And yes, all very true. Have you sneezed and lost control of your bladder yet? I sure do all the time! I love your tiny little belly!

Shepherd said...

Is that the best you can do? Have you had gas that could put a fog horn to shame yet? An insatiable desire to nuke every mote of dust with your existance bubble? Lost sleep worrying you will give birth to a cat or llama because you dreamed it?
By the by, Rich's baby looks good on you! :)

Richard and Nicole said...

nellie - haven't lost the bladder control yet - but getting close. i sure can't hold the pee very long!

shepherd - I had both the gas and the nightmare problems BEFORE THE baby! thanks (:

Janette said...

you're looking so cute!

Kasi said...

Isn't it funny "How are you feeling" refers to the pregnancy, "How are you" refers to in general? :) I love your list! I recently ate pickels in cottage cheese... pretty good actually!