Sunday, January 3, 2010

stinky house.

I've decided that oregon is much prettier than utah. I even think it is prettier than winter snow. The cities here are much more aesthetically pleasing. Mostly due to a lower occupancy of stip malls- which in my opinion are total eye sores. If the wasatch front mountians could magically move here - oregon would be a perfect place to live. Except that my family doesn't live here. I was sad to leave utah, which usually isn't the case. But this time it was sad to come home.....especially since something died in our heating vents while we are gone and it smells like Mill Hollow (the mouse infested summer camp that i worked at 2 years ago). Thank you for the sentsy amy - but citrus lime wax + dead animal = bad combo.

Any tips on getting a dead thing out of a heating vent??? Richard has a weak stomach, im probably going to have to call someone.


Puffer Love said...

Eww...We had a cat die under our apartment in Molalla and it was Stinky! If you need a place to crash please come on over!

cassy said...

Eww! That is so gross!! Get it out!!!!!
Congrats! I am so excited!!! Jenny told me a while ago and I was so happy that we would have a baby together around the same time!!! YAY!!! How are you feeling?

Isaac said...

Ya know, I really think you're mistaken, we don't have hardly any stip malls here in Utah. Now, strip malls, that's an other story.
Also, sorry something died in your house :(

Breea and Bryan said...

Hm.... I guess you should call the road kill rooter.

Richard and Nicole said...

Liz: A CAT! wow, that would stink. it was just 2 unidentifiable masses that were probably mice. which is crazy considering the amount of stray cats that roam our neighborhood. thanks for the offer! we are sick, but when we are cold-less weve got to come visit again.

cassy: hooray for us having babies at the same time! i am almost ashamed to say that i feel fine after hearing about you feeling sick. I wish you well this pregnancy!!!

zic: oops

bryeea: yeah - we did that indeed, he brought a dog to sniff it out because we couldn't find it.