Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I ain't supporting no foregin country"

Yesterday I made my weekly trip to sportsman warehouse to spend more money on fishing equipment that I am eventually going to lose. I picked up some line, lures, and corkies. (The red thing is a corky. It is supposed to attract fish. I don't believe it but I keep buying them.). I left the store and went to see Nicole at work. I told Nicole what I bought then realized I had shoplifted the corkies. So after fishing I headed back to sportsman warehouse.

As I was standing in line I overheard the checker tell the lady in front of me that sportsman warehouse had been bought by a canadian company. Then the checker said it was going to be better for Sportsman Warehouse, but the lady in front of me said "I ain't supporting no foreign country" as she picked up here recently bought earmuffs (Made in China) and walked out the door.


Isaac said...

Well, clearly, China isn't a foreign country because A) anybody that makes as many US flags as they do must be American, and B) they basically own us in debt.
There's a big difference.
P.s. kudos on returning to pay for your corkies.

Anonymous said...

I ain't support no Liberal State Like Oregon, whose Residents voted for Omaba

Sherpa said...

Dad, is that you?

Richard and Nicole said...

im so glad I have an honest hubsand and a wacky obama-hating father in law (:

Janette said...

Too funny! In a sad, kind of way.