Monday, March 30, 2009

10 random things (:

okay okay I'll do it.

here's my ten random things for the day

#1 I am sitting in my cubicle at work right now looking at the heart people my sister made for me - which are rock'n awesome by the way. cutey little niece and nephews patooties.

#2 I love buying myself treats. i would rather have a candy bar than a new shirt anyday. I buy these granola bars at work everday they are homemade here at the hospital and are really good. i guess that's why i've got a little pudge and dress so crappy.

#3 My favorite BOM story is about alma and amulek - how the lord prepared amulek for alma. i love that - way cool- our prayers are answered.

#4 My husband is the greatest. He made me dinner last night since I had to work. i love getting ready for bed and snuggling with him. hes got a nice beard.

#5 I need to learn more about history/politics. I had to ask richard what happened at tienemen square- i think that should be common knowledge. also i dont know how to spell that.

#6 fall is my favorite season, but i do luv spring (but not allergies ACHOO)

#7 my grandpa could have been a millionare. he was out with his friend doing some geology and they took two different paths (literally). his friend struck gold or something. my g-pa got the shaft. i dont know the complete story, its just something like that. family history is cool.

#8 i had a cat named snowball. it was our only pet. it got run over my neighbor after ~1week of being our pet

#9 i drive a 91 subaru legacy. it is missing the front turn signal. oregon lets you drive cars that are not safe

#10 my mom tells me she named me nicole because my hair was black like coal. i think that is a lie. she just liked the name. i want to name my kid olive or oliver depending on the sex. that wont be for a while though. richard thinks thats a nerdy name.


Hip Heiner Fun said...

So much fun. And those are very 10 random things!!!

As far as Olive or Oliver go, they remind me of either Popeye's girlfriend or Oliver the orphan in Oliver Twist. But, I don't think Oliver is a nerdy name at all.

Richard and Nicole said...

thanks virginia (: I never thought of that poppeye's gal thing....i think i'd like my kid to remind people of spinach (:

Oblad girl said...

I like the name Olive for a girl- it's unique and very cute. I love history stuff, so if you have any questions, ask me! And if you have any politics questions- ask Steve. Politics are important, but they make me depressed. Our country is going down the crapper, and fast! Fall is my favorite season as well-October 2008 was the most beautiful month in my entire Utah existence. And last but not least- I had know idea that you even owned a cat for a week- sad!

Jessica said...

I've been in love with the name Oliver for awhile now. Definitely not a weird name. Bronson likes it because his nickname could be "Olly", which is cool, because it's a skate trick. He also likes the name Brody, because that's a snowboard trick. Obsessed maybe?

Shepherd said...

My grandpa's middle name was Oliver and when I first found out we were having a boy, I considered naming him that. Devin pulled one of those husband faces at me and the idea fizzled. Oh well. I think Richard would be the cutest daddy. Make with the babies!!! (ha ha)