Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas Richard

7 months after leaving logan, Rich has finally completed his Masters Degree in Geotechnical Engineering. Merry Christmas to more editing stories about landslides and risk factors for me and no more sitting at the computer all day and skipping out on chores for Rich. WAHOO


Hip Heiner Fun said...

Congrats, Richard! Let us know if you want Andy to frame your diplomas and certificates. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Oblad girl said...

Yay, Richard! Congrats! Now get back to your house work. =)

Jessica said...

That's so exciting! I bet you're glad to have that behind you. On with life, eh?

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE THE MANNNNNN!!!!! AWESOME RICHY RICH- now you can bring home the masters degree salary right?... hmmm..? Well, at least you are a MASTER- make Nicole call you Master Richard.