Friday, December 26, 2008

"Happy Boxing Day"

Well since the Gorge was shut down for four days the mail got backed up and we didn't receive are presents from the "Mother Ship" until the day after christmas or as are friends up north call it "Boxing Day." So here are our presents.

thanks mom & andy and virgina (we love the gingerbread man!)


Bryan said...

i miss the buhlers.

Richard and Nicole said...

we miss the bry bry bryeea

Andrew said...

I miss the cookies

Hip Heiner Fun said...

We totally need to come see you. But I think it will have to wait until the Heiner Reunion, unless by some miracle we can get up there sooner. We would love to come visit. You and Richard totally need to get to know Chloe better.

Love you and miss you tonz!!!

The Gingerbread man was suppose to come with the package from Andy and I, but I forgot to send it, so I sent it with mom's package.

Oblad girl said...

I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas! Now all the snow is gone and Portland can function like a normal city again- my firm's office in Portland was closing like crazy all of last week!