Sunday, September 21, 2008

York Dorks in Port Port

My sista sista Amy Lynn and her husband Kelby Max came to visit this weekend. It all started out with dinner at an overpriced and not so good restaurant (McCormick&Schmicks).
Along with my sis came a small bundle of joy aka Evan Glenn York. He's such a cute little squeaky creature. We tried to visit Mt. St. Helen's.....but instead of seeing the crater and large reforesting projects.......we got to wander aimlessly in the clouds.

Isn't Mt. St Helen's so beautiful?

We also tried to avoid paying 8 dollars a person to go to every visitor center or nature walk....

and thus ended up at an industrial weyerhauser forestry center that was very anti-environmentalist. It had a great playground with excavator toys that Amy loved to play on.

And Richard loved it since he isn't too fond of the forest service or rangers.......those silly Buhlers..........We ended the day with a BANG! By eating greeeen and very BEANY enchiladas and watching the movie VOLCANO "the coast is toast." I would recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it! Hooray for visitors.....aren't you dying to come see us Joy?


Sherpa said...

Ah, you guys called me out. I feel special.

Richard and Nicole said...

Still no comment on when your coming though.

Andrew said...

It's sad to say, but richard looks like Val: standing with a grey jacket in the clouds at some "point of intrest" with a trucker hat that reads "Custom Vinyl" and a beard shaggy enough to be presumed homeless by others. Thinking of getting a brown VW and taking it to see the Octupus tree? Just wondering.

Richard and Nicole said...

i read this to dad. he laughed. then he proceeded to tell me about the funny ranger at mt. st helens with the toy helecopter (:......the only difference between rich and dad is that richard is alot less grumpy and his hat is for the yankees----something dad would never do.