Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost aDream Weekend

Ever since I started looking for jobs outside of Utah exspecially in Seattle and Portland I looked into when the Yankees were going to be playing Seattle. While I was looking I thought "hey doesn't BYU play Washington this year in Seattle." So when I took the job in Portland I bought tickets to the Marnieers Yankee game and come to find out BYU would play Washington the same weekend.

So last weekend my parents came and we went to both games. It wasn't perfect because first I lost some of the excitement for the Yankees game since they are out of the race for the playoffs and I have been busy finishing school and starting a new job I haven't followed them as much as I have in the past.

Then Saturday afternoon we went to the game with my parents and cousin Rob and his wife. He is a washington fan. It was a great game and was even better when they were playing on our end of the field becaude we were so close. To bad the game ended with the controversy but what ever -- BYU won and it was a good ofensive game. I believe this a picture of the winning Touchdown pass.

I give the Weekend an A- and would only been better if Steve was there, Nicole hadn't left the game at halftime (but that was no big deal -- she doesn't like football), and the Yankees
would have won.

comment from nicole -- We also ate at an amazing restaurant in Tacoma WA and I had cedar plank salmon and rich had mahi tacos. Before that lunch, I would have given the w/end activites a C+, after that lunch and finally meeting people from the Buhler side of the family, definitally A-.


Richard and Nicole said...

Hey Joy not having you also made the weekend less than an A so don't think we don't like you either.

Sherpa said...

Ah, tender.