Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Gett'n Paid

I am a working woman. In my first couple weeks of work, I would brush my teeth at 6:10 to get out the door and think...."Oh my gosh, I am never going to make it, this is the worst decision of my life to work here, I'de rather die than go to work." But now, It's actually pretty fun. I have delightful co-workers who are more than willing to help -- with out making me feel stupid (which is probably the reason that I hated clinicals so bad). This week, I gave a presentation to the state employees on stocking a healthy pantry. It was like one of those presentations that I had to do in school.....but I GOT PAID 21 bucks an hour to do it!! Yeah! Lot's of the time I feel like a big I'm just wandering around pretending like I know what I'm doing....but when I bust out of those hospital doors at 4:30 every day - I walk really fast because even though I still don't know what I am doing.....I'M STILL GETTING PAID!


Jessica Draper said...

Great point...I'm excited to start getting paid, too :) Bummer that you don't like the couches anymore. At least they're a step up, right?

Bryan said...

I wanna real job! Nice brushing of the tongue.

Richard and Nicole said...

jess- I'm excited for you to many RD's are in that hospital? Is it nice inside?

Bry- I am turning into you despite my good oral hygene.....I have 3 CAVITIES!!!!!