Saturday, September 27, 2008

mmmmm Fall is Delicious

I love fall. Not only because it smells good--fresh and crisp-- and looks good--red and yellow leaves with green grass--and feels good--no more sweaty people on the bus--but also because it TASTES GOOD!! You know, pumpkin pie (ie mud pie according to dad), sweet potatoes, fresh apples and apple crisp, root vegetables, and best of all: butternut squash.

I am SO happy today because....I BOUGHT MY FIRST SQUASH OF THE SEASON.....and to make matters even more blessed, it still had dirt on it and it was shaped perfectly for cutting into squares. That made the fact that richard has been golfing since 7:30 this morning (it is now 12:00) okay.

Since richard wasn't with me at the farmers market today, I made some new vegetable friends: brandywine tomatoes, kellogs breakfast tomatoes (amazing) and purple peppers. Good thing richard was golfing this morning, otherwise I might have had to share those tomatoes and peppers........(yeah right, I haven't made that much progress).......but he probably wouldn't have approved of me spending 5$ on them........maybe richard should go golfing every saturday (:


Jenn Oblad said...

Love the post about veggies! This is a true Nicole post. I wish I could go to that farmer's market with you- that sound so awesome!

Andrew said...


Richard and Nicole said...

turns out that purple peppers are nasty.