Thursday, September 18, 2008

A couch hating soccer playing day

I joined a soccer team. I've played in one game and I made 1 goal and I have no idea what any of the rules are. All I know is that my ankles are about the size of my thighs after I put both my ankle braces and then my shin gaurds to protect my loosey goosey ligaments. It is alot of fun and my hubby bub loves come and watch me and the mommies in my ward run around with our heads chopped off. GO LEFTOVERS!!! YEAH!

So we got couches yesterday. It is the first big thing we have bought together. They were more expensive than I would have liked and (now that we have them....2 weeks post purchase) less likable than I would have liked. Oh well - we will just have to work on our good consumer skills. At least the stinky stink stink brown ones from Zic have been removed from the premisis.....sorry to let your good craftsman work to the goodwill dad! And now when richard is a bad man I have a place to send him for the night.

The real question is, why didn't we spend our money to buy a bed bigger than a full? As my 5 foot--probably 90 pound-- friend Joanna told her equally small fiance - "some people I know (referring to us) sleep on a full....I promise we don't need a king!". Yeah we are really smart.


Sherpa said...

Your team is named after dad's dead steer?

Richard and Nicole said...

It was named leftovers?

Sherpa said...

Yeah, according to Dad.