Monday, July 14, 2008

U - pick'n entertainment

On saturday, after my first long ride on the Dolce (30 miles), we drove out to the hills to U-pick some berries. It was rather reminiscent of the berry patch at Grandpa Heiner's except that the bees were pollinating something else at the time and there was actually space between the bushes to move. At 99 cents a pound and "all you can eat for free" while you are picking, me and rich spend a whopping 5 big ones for a whole bucket of berries. It was some good entertainment. With our bounty we IQF-ed (individually quick frozen) most of the raspberries and made a pie with the rest for sunday dinner. BOY WAS IT GOOD (: especially with the Tillamook ice cream that we bought at albertsons. MMMmmmmMMM. I am left with only two questions: #1 why don't more people do this and #2 why don't they have these in Utah?


Sherpa said...

Because where there used to be orchards in utah, there's now developments. Stupid utah.

Very nice pie. I was told last week that men don't bake pies. I informed my stone-age friend that yes they do, especially in my family.

Richard and Nicole said...

well, I wish I could say that your stone-age friend was wrong....but the "we" in "we baked a pie" was actually more like me and the frog in my pocket. richard did taste the dough though.......but he does bake bread and there. yeah, stupid utah, but i do miss it.

Smokey said...


Well sorry to say that I didn't help make the pie I taking a sunday afternoon nap, but I did pick the berries because Nicole was eating more than she was picking. So that is half the battle.

Ok she picked half the berries also.

Sherpa said...

Smokey-You disappoint me. Naps are important too though.

You mean you weren't eating half the berries too?

Jessica Draper said...

Where did you go to pick berries? I found a website that lists all the U-pick places, but Evan and I haven't tried it yet.

Smokey said...


Don't you know bears have discipline when it comes to berries.

You never see bears gorging themselves they know better.

Sherpa said...

Smokey-No, bears never gorge themselves ever. They are much too distinguished to do that. Ever.