Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trip'n with the Bry Bry

Bryan came to visit us this week and we had a rock'n good time. While trying to backpack from seaside to manzanita, we ended up on a bus to Astoria (oops)! All the extra hiking made bryan really tired (see below). Some of that may be due to the massiveness of his load (a few people asked us if we had been hiking for weeks and probably thought we were on our way to Mexico)-Then we met a baptist preacher from bountiful while backpacking on the boardwalk through seaside (yes, we added an extra 5 miles to our hike by taking the wrong bus and ending up on the wrong side of the city)- - Shared our pesto tortillini dinner with a starving photographer, of whom took this picture with the tillimook lighthouse in the background -
- Dilly dallied around cannon beach while waiting for Bruce's Candy Shop to open-

-Hung out with herman the 100 year old sturgeon -
and ended the day by treating ourselves to the 'over priced ice cream that our parents would never buy us' at Multnomah falls. We finished up the trip with a visit to the Portland Temple and by playing the "train game" after eating a wholesome dinner of pirate burgers and blue jello with fresh raspberries (mmmm). Hopefully our good times will inspire more visitors - just look how pretty it is here......


Sherpa said...

That sleeping bag picture. Now that inspired me to visit.

Richard and Nicole said...

yeah - i have found that the sleeping bag is a great fashion piece...especially on the chilly oregon beaches.