Saturday, July 5, 2008


On July the 4th, Richard and I decided to take a mountain biking trip through forest park. IT WAS AN AMAZING RIDE, and the best part (besides the wildflowers and jungle), was when I took out an old man who was riding on the wrong side of the trail. His first comment after we collided was "is my bike okay???!!" Then, after he was assured that his rear deraileur was not derailed, he said...."are you okay?" And then, he rode off only to discover that he had "tweaked" the metal plate in his leg.....?????? I offered him my red bandana for the pain if he wanted, but thank goodness he declined and rode off. Wow, my uncle bart is right....those bikers are JERKS. Oh well, I guess that biking experience got my ego up so high that I decided that I needed a new bike, and my best friend in the whole world spent a good part of his moving bonus to buy me a bike. THANK YOU RICHARD SMOOPY POO (:


Sherpa said...
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Sherpa said...

Smoopy Poo is such a sweetie.