Monday, July 21, 2008


I hate verizon. That's hate with a capital H. Yes, we did get service while we were on death mountain, but we haven't got one ounce of good customer service since we joined. For example: We were charged 54.99 for a modem/router that we DID NOT order. So I called today, and after listening to some terrible elevator music for an hour, I got some indian guy, of whom I could not understand, that told me at least 50 times that I was getting a good deal on the modem that I DID NOT order. Great, I said, I ordered the FREE modem, not the 54.99 modem - and could he please remove the charge. And then, the guy had the AUDACITY to tell me that I was not listening to him very well, and that I had already recieved a discount on the modem!!! DAHHH. So I call back today again, with the order sitting in front of me, that shows that I ordered the FREE modem, and the retarded guy on the line tells me that I did in fact order the54.99 modem THE DAY AFTER I PLACED MY ORIGINAL ORDER.........does this sound the least bit fishy to you????? So I got real angry and hung up....we will get to the bottom of this....but until then......DO NOT be swayed by verizon's cheap price, their customer service crappiness and random billing mishaps will definitally cost more than paying for comcast in the first place.


The Neeley's said...

I would be so should call stui for help, he'll fix anything that has to do w/ customer service...or you could get Gep Gethart!!!

Love the oregon picture. it's beautiful!!!

Richard and Nicole said...

Yeah - I should get gephart, I wonder if he does out-of-state sluething (:

Breea Heiner said...

I am laughing out loud at you and feeling your frustration too. I used to have verizon and always had to argue with them about random charges.