Monday, April 25, 2011

trip to utah

i've been in utah the past week and 1/2 helping my sister with her FOUR kids. wow i dont know how she does it. she posted some cute pics of the trip here.

Anna loved the new baby Jane. She would laugh and laugh everytime she saw her. It was really funny. Anna's 4 yr old cousin amber really loved Anna. I wish she lived at my house! The most memorable moment of the whole trip was Amber bartering out her easter eggs to her brothers........if you will trade me something special I will give you one egg........she's quiet the wheeler and dealer......

did i mention that i forgot my camera? well, i did, so my mom sent me some pics she took. Anna loves the little car and her cousin Remi (16mo.) loves to smooch her.........but she's not so sure about the kiss'n cousin thing.

Overall it was a good busy trip, but it was hard on anna to be less than the center of my attention for a week and 1/2. She's been amazing at home - sleeping like crazy and just happy to follow me around all day. Hopefully the touch of stranger danger she picked up on the trip will soon subside.

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Kaelie Nielsen said...

I'm so glad you're back! That was really good of you to do that for your sister, I hope I can be as helpful to mine in October.