Thursday, April 28, 2011

does anna hate cows?

Or their milk anyways......

She's had a runny nose keeping her company since october. Totally not normal. So the pediatrician wants to try eliminating cows milk. Since I am her main source of the bovine protein, i am going 10 days without milk-cheese-yogurt-ice cream-etc.

sucks huh? Well i hope it doesn't help because I would rather that anna just has enlarged adeniods, which is the next thing to check out if a week of milk free proceeded by a week of zyrtec doesn't work.

oh anna.

On a better note, she stopped growing a little bit. Well in height anyways. We weighed her at rich's work a few weeks ago and she was 24.5 pounds. I guess her clothes weigh a lot because here's her stats:

9mo 2 weeks
height 28 inches, 58%ile
weight: 23.7 ounds: 97-98%ile
wt for length: looks like 110th% on the graph


Kaelie Nielsen said...

I hope Anna isn't allergic to dairy. That would not be fun my friend.

pbuhler5 said...

If she takes after her Dad, it is probably Adnoids and tonsils, or if she takes after her aunt, it is probably allergies.

Sherpa said...

Here's hoping it's the adenoids and not the other two!

Andrew said...

Good luck. So glad you came down for a visit and helped Amy out. You are one amazing Sister. LOVES!!!