Saturday, April 9, 2011

9 months

(dont mind me in the background in my robe....)

Not much has changed except she babbles more - duh duh buh buh - she sounds like she knows what she is talking about doesn't she?

Still doing the seal scoot to get around, but she's getting pretty good at it. In the past two weeks, she has mastered going from a plank, to her knees, to sitting (as seen in video below). She's starting to pull herself up on things. She can stand unassisted next to the window or couch, but often loses her balance and topples over.

We measured her in her sleep - 29 inches - and weighed her at richards work - 24.5 pounds. Hello, can you say monster baby. I wouldn't have it any other way.

She has serious separation anxiety - crying whenever someone leaves the room. Not just me either! Our sweet babysitter Brittney says Anna cries even when her husband leaves the room - crazy girl. Tonight I left her with a neighbor while i went to work and the neighbor said she even cried when the cat left the room!!!

In the picture below she is doing this thing where she kicks her legs while sitting and flaps her arms like a penguin. She sort of scoots around this way sometimes and does it when she is excited about things.

Anna is a good self feeder and she eats everything. I mean everything! I have to be sure to clean well under the oven or she finds herself some little treats while i am cooking dinner (nasty). She also gets a big kick out of feeding me. Its one of the only ways to get her to laugh. Today for lunch she ate 1/2 cup lentils with salsa, 1/4 cup yogurt, 2 pears and then she scavenged some cheerios off the floor when I put down. Yeah, seriously anna, slow down.

Unlike mom and dad anna now hates being outside. i try to put her on the ground, or in her jumper, or in her high chair with food on her tray - but she just won't have it. If I'm not holding her or pushing her in the stroller she doesn't like to be outside. Apparently from the middle picture below she also sometimes hates being in her stroller.........

Its interesting that anna stays entertained much longer when she is around her friends zach or avrie. This is a bonus for us moms! We have to worry about zachy tackling avrie - but i'm pretty sure anna can hold her own. Last week we had the neilsens over for dinner and anna and avrie both fed themselves while we ate dinner - it was a miracle. We are used to having to juggle babies and eating at the same time - i can't wait until we don't have to give them a bath after every meal.

Anna does not like to snuggle. One morning I really wanted a snuggle from my little pea. I went in her room and got her out of bed and brought her in with me (like 4 am or something). She wouldn't let me snuggle her, even in her sleep. She kept arching her back and crying. So i put her back in her crib. Sadness. I guess I will miss nursing because its the only time i have anna's consent to snuggle.

Anna has 5 - almost 6 - teeth. 2 on top and 3 on bottom. She is drooling a lot today and is moderately fussy - i think number 6 is showing its ugly head.

Funny thing about diaper changes - dont read this if you get grossed out easy. I like to let anna air dry between diapers. So I usually put her on the bathroom floor while I clean out the diapers. Seems that everytime I set her down lately she scoots over to the rug and pee pees. The other day she peed and I didn't see it - but I smelt it - and couldn't find it b/c it was just a little piddle on the tile. While I was attempting to put her diaper on she got her sock off her foot and was sucking on it - I noticed it was wet - and then I put two and two together yanked that sock out of her mouth. Of course she cried - but I just laughed to myself while saying "no anna, you can not suck on your pee peed sock!" yucko.

While we are on bad mom moments I will mention that she has taken her first topple off of the bed. I was right there next to her, i don't know how it happened. ugh. I can't wait until she figures out that depth perception thing.

Circle face, little fish, blowing raspberries - these are a few of anna's new facial expressions. Of course her angry face is the same as it has been since birth - her little stork bite in between her eyebrows gets really red when she's angry. I hope for her sake that that goes away with time. Her circle face is hilarious - she makes her mouth into a circle and raises her eyebrows like what she is looking at is the most interesting and exciting thing in the world. I love it and hope she keeps that excitement for life.


Kaelie Nielsen said...

Awe, I love the circle face too! the peed on sock moment is pretty hilarious. Little Anna is growing up so fast! I love to watch her play with Avrie and Zach.

amylynn said...

Horray for Anna coming to see her auntie- and her uncle is beyond thrilled... "that's my favorite age" was his last comment.

Liv said...

What a great update on your little sweet pea. She's so adorable and I'm sad that she won't cuddle with you! It's hard when they start learning independence and decide they don't need lovies all the time.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Wow 24 lbs? Grace is about 19. :) I know you don't like the teething, but at least she will be done sooner! I hear ya on the separation anxiety. Not fun huh? Grace is usually pretty good except for when she's teething. Some days I think I'll just put her in a baby sling all day while I do stuff. She's a cute chunker she is! And the pee story is kinda funny.

Kristin said...

So much fun to watch them grow up. Every new stage for the first 2 years was my favorite. (The terrible 2's have not been my favorite!) Anna is adorable!

Sherpa said...

The circle face is adorable, but the bird flapping? I can't wait to see her do that.