Wednesday, April 27, 2011

quarter of a century

I don't feel that old, maybe it's because the things that make me happy are......

smooching the little peas cheeks
chasing rich around the house with slugs
eating dessert whenever possible (including bfast lunch and dinner today)
notes and surprises from friends
whining about chores (rich is doing the laundry this week as a bday present)
going for bike rides to pick up treats at the store
dilly dallying to look at pretty flowers (the azaleas are in bloom - had to stop and examine them while on my way to nurse anna at work)
playing with new birthday toys (although pizza stones and garmins aren't kid toys - feeling a little old asking for excercise and cooking equipment for my birthday)
bringing a birthday treat to share at school...i mean work (hmmm work...definitally not feeling young)
going to the mall with my friends (and reminiscing about my short short days - wait a second - that one makes me feel old too)
staying up way past my bed time doing something fun (its almost 11 i better get to bed - the fact that i usually go to bed at 9:30 is also making me feel old)

never mind. i have a baby, i went to work today and i made my own birthday cake.

Im an oldy moldy mom and i love that too.


pbuhler5 said...

Happy Birthday, it was nice seeing you and Anna Saturday Love Joyce and Paul

Kristin said...

Happy late Birthday! It sounds like you had a pretty good one even if you had to work and make your own cake! I always make my own cake too.

Kaelie Nielsen said...

YAY for birthdays!

Oblad girl said...

It's ok, I made my own birthday cake, too. =) Glad you had a good birthday!

Larry said...

How cute these pictures are!

Larry said...

How cute these pictures are!