Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Eve

I had to work new years eve. It was actually a pretty slow day at the hospital (because no one WANTS to be there on new years, including doc's) but I was still pretty tired when i got home. Richard was pretty tired too because he and his brother steven worked in the crawl space all day. He has been insulating our floor to keep the cold and SMELLY air out of the house.

So we just stayed home and turned on the boob tube to watch the ball drop. We laughed our heads off at the entertainment. There was some lady wearing a big poofy coat and a leotard with rainbow hair! She had background dancers with foo foo hair that danced real silly like. Then there was this man who we SERIOUSLY thought was a woman. seriously. but he was a man. And we just laughed and laughed and thought - how do these people take themselves so seriously? Oh yeah and we rang in the new year while sleeping - we hit the hay at 10:30.

We also talked about what gift we could give to christ this year - and Richard came up with the idea that we should strive to do a really good job teaching the new testament in sunday school. I agree. Later on I decided that I want to make the resolution to only say nice things in our house. Sometimes its hard to always be positive, but I want Anna to be a nice girl and how can she do that if I am not a good example?

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