Friday, January 7, 2011

new year new baby

I was just thinking this morning about how anna never used to smile or squeak. She would just stare and scowl. Now she's crazy pants! She likes to jabber and jabber and squeek and squak (which is what she is doing in the picture above).

I go to baby time twice a week. Anna used to just stare and scowl at everyone. Now she's a smiling chatter box. Both of the teachers mentioned how she was in a good mood this week! And she was trying to read the book along with the teachers.........hope that doesn't continue throughout her whole life. Anyways I'm loving it. She also jabber and jabbers while I am running in the morning. My own personal drill sergeant!

She has started to collect a lot of toys. Which is nice because she can entertain herself for quiet a while these days. She does, however, get frusterated when she pushes the toys out of her own reach and can't crawl to them (she rolls but no crawling). so now I just stick her in a drawer with all of her toys. They don't get away too easy that way......

Feeding her has been a real challenge. Which is crazy considering how much I love food! She gets really really constipated when we feed her rice cereal or peas, or bananas and well I have been too lazy to try much else. But I have a friend who's baby has the same problem and her pediatrician told her to put prune juice in with the cereal - so we're giving it a go. Anna really likes eating anyways. I have decided that shirtless is the way to go when feeding li'll monsters.
another picture of anna in her drawer.

the INSULATION - our house is less stinky since richard started.

another picture of anna singing (she's in her happy drawer).
baaaaa leee laaaaa (anna saying good bye)


Liv said...

I'm so glad you mentioned prune juice!! I'm going to start rice cereal with Aspen soon and I probably would've freaked if she got plugged up and wouldn't have been able to remember how to loosen her up a bit.

JSLindgren said...

She is adorable! All the pictures and captions made for some fun reading with the kids. They'd like to add a caption to the photo of Anna in the bumbo, "I have an idea!"

Kasi said...

Oatmeal cereal I believe has more fiber than the rice and my baby actually took it better. You could always try avocado too- that was a big hit with Brinlee. Happy feeding! :)