Tuesday, August 3, 2010

really tired

stupid blogger. Anna in my blessing dress. She's only going to fit for maybe 2 more weeks if she continues at her current rate of weight gain (:
visiting daddy at work. she didn't want to wake up to say hello. what a stinker (:

this is why postpartum cooking without a timer is a bad idea.

my memory of having things in the oven was a bit sketchy pre-baby. not sure why i thought i could tackle garlic bread under the broiler (without a timer) after baby.

despite negative opinions from the pediatricians and nurses i decided babywise is a good way to go. im sorry - but letting your baby eat whenever the heck they want to really makes night time painful. let her cry for 5 or 10 minutes and she falls back asleep and stays that way.

plus - im pretty sure anna's got plenty of reserves - she can make it with only 1 (or 2 if she really asks nicely) night feeding.

look at those BEEFY ARMS. i LOVE LOVE LOVE chunky babies!
watch me grow.
sorry aunt virginia - this skirt is way to small for my big big belly. but its oh so cute!


Sherpa said...

Ah, she looks precious in her blessing dress on top of that familiar looking blanket...

Isaac said...

Cute Anna. By the way those brownies look really good ;)

Hip Heiner Fun said...

Oh, she is so sweet. No worries, she was one chunky baby! She will get Chloe's when Chloe grows out of it. See the differnce between Anna and Chloe, chloe was in Newborn and 0-3 until she was like 6 months old, because she was so runtish in the weight department. Anna is just chunky chunk and totally adorable so nothing smaller than 6 months is going to fit her.

Kelby York said...

where did this baby come from?

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

She is so so cute! I love the outfits. Baby girls are fun to dress! So was she blessed on Sunday, or are you waiting another month? I love chunky babies too! I happen to have a quite chunky one myself! :) And don't worry about the bread...just wait til you have 2 to look after while making dinner! :)

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Oh my goodness, I love the tutu! Anna is so cute.

amylynn said...

I love the upsidedown blogger special. She reminds me of another fat baby (Amber) that was blessed in that dress. Good luck with the baby wise. And don't burn anything more than bread. Man, that is crunchy! Not even anything for the birds to eat.
he he he

Richard and Nicole said...

sherpa - yeah hope steven doesnt care that we stole his blanket

zic - do you want the brownie recipe on your food blog?

kelby - i dont know, she doesnt look like me i should take a maternity test

nelly - i dont know how you do it!

kaelie - thanks - avrie is just as cute!

amylynn - i know, those poor starving birds, they better get in my backyard and start eating those spideys.

Oblad girl said...

She looks so pretty in your blessing dress! That's cool that you still have it. She is so cute.