Sunday, August 22, 2010

fancy pants

or panties.

Yes, we do cloth diapers. To start off, Richard wants everyone to know that it was not his idea and he is not a hippie. But he does like the money it saves us. I do too and it really isn't that bad. My family thinks we are crazy and I told my brother i would give a play by play of the cloth diapering experience - so here it is:

Anna alerting us that she has a wet or stinky diaper:
dun dun dun - the BUM where all the action happens
this is what the diapers look like - they have snaps that are really easy to put together. the diapers will fit her until she is 35 pounds. should be about 2 unless she continues at her current rate of growth. (yes this diaper is brown and the others are pink, thats because blogger is stupid and i was too impatient to reload a pic i deleted)

dun dun dun the dirty diaper that everyone fears. breast milk poops really not that bad and not very stinky either.

we don't wipe her butt - we just give it a quick rinse in the sink
set the diaper aside
and let her airdry while we take care of it. (please forgive me for showing your buns anna)
the diapers have pockets with inserts that keep the wet off anna's bum bum. so you pull those out each time
and stick em right in the diaper pail
then you take the pooper to the toilet and use the homemade diaper sprayer (courtesy of richard) to the poop. no touching required
mostly clean diaper
then you put the diaper in the pail

at the end of the day you put the diapers in the wash
and then you hang them to dry (or put them in the dryer if it isn't hot outside)
Arent they pretty? They were about 220$ for 15 diapers. I figure it will save us at least 1000$ by the time we make it through baby #2.

there you go bry bry - that's how it works. LUVS


Anonymous said...

Yuk!, Yuk It is to vivid

Breea and Bryan said...

Thanks for the play by play. Bryan is totally interested in saving money, so I think he is considering it. I, on the other hand, am not sure about it. What happens when you go places? Do you just keep them in a plastic bag in your diaper bag? I am pretty curious about this.

Richard and Nicole said...

I have gone a few places with cloth and yes, i just keep them in a plastic bag and wash them out when i get home. no big deal. when we go camping next w/e we will use disposables. we aren't going to waste the vacation at a laundry mat.

Isaac said...

That doesn't sound too bad. You'll have to keep us updated on how it is when Anna starts eating solids.
By the way Richard, don't worry about being a hippie, here in Mississippi, if you aren't pouring oil into the gulf, you're basically a hippie. When I tell the cashier that I really don't need my milk triple bagged, they look at me with a "why do you hate America, commie?" look :0

Puffer Love said...

We did Cloth with Xilone!!! but they were the origami type of diapers with pins ect....this shows me I should try going back to cloth....LOVE IT! and it will pay off before she is 6 months I'm sure of it!!
P.S. check craigslist for free diapers! they are there I've gotten a couple sealed costco packages that way!!

Sherpa said...


This brings back a lot of memories...of rinsing Richard's cloth diapers.

cassy said...

WOW! You guys get the parents of the year award!!

Anonymous said...

you get the crazy year award.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being tight wads