Wednesday, August 25, 2010

big budda big buddda big budda

we dont have a scale at home.
but grocery stores have scales.
she was somewhere around 13-14 pounds last week (5 weeks)
i had my 6 week post partum apt yesterday.
i weigh 160.
with anna in my arms i weight 175 (plus a blanket)

is she really 15 pounds at 6 weeks?
needless to say i am feeding her right now.
and she stills has to have a midnight snack (the stinker)

here's a video of her fav. toy - the mobile gramma b. bought her


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Holy cow-what are you feeding that girl? Do you produce straight cream? :) I love chunky babies! I happen to have had 2 myself. :) No we just need to get her to do some big smiles!

Anonymous said...

She's totally entertained- awesome. Like mother like daughter- love the tigger.

Look at that enormous green diaper- he he he


Kaelie Nielsen said...

what? Avrie's 15 pounds, crazy! we should put them side by side again. Awesome mobile by the way.

Sherpa said...

Ah, at this rate, you'll be able to dress her up as the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters for Halloween.

Liv said...

1) love that the animals in the mobile actually face the crib so anna doesn't have to look at their butts.

2) wow, she's big and healthy. i don't think aspen has hit 8lbs yet but she's only 4 wks so maybe she'll catch up. hahahahaha