Monday, August 9, 2010

Anna's First hike and a 1 month old photo shoot

"im falling mom"
"mom - this is not comfortable, i'm really falling here"
random picture of dad coming in with a colander on his head (he's heading out to harvest basil beans zucchini and cukes fromt he garden)
little peck'n chickpea
chubby bub - looks a little like steven here. (richards brother)
"wassup ima punch you if you get to close"
trying to lift the head.
"lifting my head is really a chore - but im getting better at it"
this is the face anna has most of the time. half way crosseyed and really concentrating on trying to lift her head.
help me! im sliding off of this!
sinking down into the darkness
"i just farted mom!"
anna's not rock'n the side pose.
li'll chunker (:
thanks for the eskimo mosquito proofer liz! (anna in the bob at trillium lake during dinner)
anna is for dinner! that green box is an annoying mosquito repellant (it makes noise)
momma's little pea eye (rich carried her down and i carried her up)
i have alot of teeth
cute pic except the back of anna's head
richards a great baby packer.
"hmmm mirror lake is pretty mom - but where's that boob - im hungry"
yes - i fed anna in the wild it was great (or not so great actually)
dont fall in the lake mom, i cant swim yet.
mom, my neck is going to hurt later............
she was wide awake like this the whole time. she loved looking at the trees. anna's going to be one great hiking pal. can't wait till we dont have to carry her. probably wont happen for 7 more years.


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Wow-look at you out hiking already! You go girl! What a cute chunker you have.

Liv said...

lovin' anna's green dress!

i took my babe to the park last night and it was SO GOOD to get out. not yet ready for a hike though, unless you count my trip to the grocery store...

Anonymous said...

at least 7 years-
9 if she's like Gavin

love the cute green dress

Andrew and Haley said...

could I be more excited that the Nielson's blog led me to yours?....NO!!! Now I can see you mid week not just on Sundays! Which reminds me, CAN WE PLEASE GET TOGETHER. My little one isn't as little as yours, but not big enough to squad Anna yet-- let's plan on it!

Sherpa said...

The stroller pictures? She actually looks like Baby Rich.

But even if she looks remarkably like both of my brothers, we still love her tons!! ;)

Breea and Bryan said...

looks like fun!