Wednesday, September 23, 2009

southern fare

We had grits with greens and bacon for dinner. other than making my mouth feel chalky, it was good. Rich says: "tastes like mush, where's my steak?....but thanks for dinner."

have you ever had real life southern food in the south? Whats your favorite? Bryan (bistcuts and gravy doesn't count)???......Joy????


Breea and Bryan said...

Chitlins or Chitterlings as they are formally called, but when yer talkn bout here south slurring and shortng words is required. Oh n dnt ferget da Collard Greens cooked in left over fry oil. YUM!

Sherpa said...

I had cheese grits with shrimp in Savannah once. That was AWESOME.

Biscuits, fried chicken, sweet potato anything. Oh, I could go on.

Chicken Fried Steak, that's southern.

Richard and Nicole said...

what are chitlins? Hmmmm was is chalky - our grits were cheesy....but not so good. MMMMm chickend fried steak is yummy stuff.

Breea and Bryan said...

YOu know, Chitlins, PIg intestines boiled in fat.


Richard and Nicole said...

you ate those? so so so sick. intestines really?

Andrew said...

Yea, them is not so bad.

I like pulled pork. With sweet BBQ sauce. With 2 pcs of white bread.