Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caribean Night


We had a Caribbean celebration!

Ok, not really. Richard watched sports while I made dinner. What's new.

But I did make a Caribbean menu and here's how it turned out:

I need Zic to take my food pics for me b/c obviously mine are blurrrrrryyyyy.

Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin with red wine jerk sauce
Caribbean Coconut Ginger Carrots
Caribbean Heirloom Tomato Salsa with jerk seasoning and mangoes

Let me know if you want the recipes...the carrots are SCRUMPTIOUS


Breea and Bryan said...

looks and sounds time consuming to make!

Anonymous said...

Looks good as long as there is lentils in it. Throw away the lentils, and we'll come and visit

Jessica and Bronson said...

Mmmm. Sounds yummy! Will you come to my house and cook sometime? Until then, a recipe will have to do, I suppose! :)

Sherpa said...

I heart lentils. Leave them in and I'll come visit!

Oblad girl said...

Did you even have to ASK if I want the recipes????

Andrew said...

Nothing better than some jerk on top of your chicken.

to finish off the meal you need:

Black beans and rice
Fried Plantains