Tuesday, September 29, 2009

from the loins of the pink flamingo: part 10, from the grave

My mom(s) ROCK!

My momma sent me a package last week. Oreos for richard and SKELETON FLAMINGOES FOR ME! I love them - thank you!

Richard's parents just left on sunday after a long visit. it was a delight to see them and a special treat because richard's mom taught me how to can! They even brought us grapes to make juice with! On saturday we went to hood river and bought fresh picked bartlett pears......we'll see how my canning skills are solo.....thanks for coming! You should really look into retiring to hood river.


Sherpa said...

I'm in love with skeleton flamingo.

Canning makes me extremely nervous. The parents bought me pectin to make freezer jam and I think I still have it. I'm scared to even do that.

Isaac said...

Wow, skeleton flamingos add a whole new dimension to Halloween! That's cool.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your pears are ripening quickly. Are they still hard?

Richard and Nicole said...

we are going to can them tonight....they felt pretty ripe this am.

Richard and Nicole said...

i heart the skele flamingo too...Im scared of canning too - which is why i had a REGISTERED DIETITIAN show me the ropes (: Freezer jam isn't hard at all - richard did it all by his lonesome!