Thursday, October 23, 2008

tagged by Jen

it's like one of those jr. high forwards - but in blog form. I'm not sure how i feel about it. Don't feel obligated to read this.

I am: richards favorite wife (and i think his only wife)
I think: alot about my book gone with the she going to marry Rhett????
I know: that i am a child of god
I fear: being a clinical dietitian for the rest of my life
I feel: cold
I hear: richard cleaning up dinner
I smell: the taco's richard made for dinner
I crave: pumpkin pie and cookie, and peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies and salt
I cry: if someone looks at me wrong
I usually: change my mind about everything
I wonder: what is going to happen to scarlett in my book
I regret: not quitting dietetics when I wanted to
I love: richard's beard and calling people "little slimes"
I care: about my health
I always: say "have a nice life" instead of goodbye to my mom
I worry: about obama becoming president
I am not: a dancer
I remember: my mountains all the time
I sing: only at church - and to red hot chili peppers in my car and i hum at work
I dont always: eat healthy or pick up my towels - even though i try to make richard think I do
I write: nutrition assessments on people that either refuse to eat/can't eat or shouldn't eat so much
I win: quiet often at our new game: thurn and taxes
I lose: every soccer game i've ever played
I wish: That I was an amazing scriptorian and that I payed more attention in sunday school/semenary
I listen: to the oldies station on my way home from work
I can usually be found: reading, cooking, eating or daydreaming
I am happy: pretty much all the time

I tag: anyone that wants to do it, but i really think i would like this to stop......because i think i just wasted a half hour on introspection.....and richard stopped doing the dishes.......


Jenn O. said...

I know, I know- it's a little junior high-ish- but in my own defense, it's fun because you learn stuff about people that normally wouldn't come up in conversation. You basically just put what first comes into your head. So there! (Thanks for doing it and being a good sport)!

Richard and Nicole said...

i agree - i just had to defend myself (:

The Merkleys said...

love your posts- i think they're hilarious!

Sherpa said...

You are reading gone with the wind!