Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a golden birthday

Rich turned 28 today, the 28th. To celebrate, I bought him 28 gifts.
We also invited some Elfs to come for dessert.....(if you can't cypher mayan cake writing, that second number is an eight)

and we had a romantic dinner in italy (or as close as we could get within walking distance)----Taylor man, we wish you coulda been there with us again. I refrained from eating my weight in soup for once.
I love ya richy love smooopy poo man of my dreams!!!
for another tribute to my main man visit joy's blog: http://rubyg.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Awesome cake. As long as Rich had milk to go wth EL Fudgies. Happy BD, Rich. LV MOM

Stuart and Cassy said...

Cute idea!!! And yes I could not tell that was an 8...lol.
We will keep everyone posted on miyas surgery. We are waiting for the schedular to call us and schedule it once she calls which could be any day they say it will be about a month out. And yes i will need your help for a fun healthy diet for miya. right now she eats everything and anything to gain weight b/c she burn everything off. So now that she'lll get eh surgery she will probably gain weight and if we keep this diet going I'm afraid I'll have an obese child...wouldn't that be horrible!!!!!!!!
Anyway...Happy B-day to your hubby. I hope he is treating you well!

Sherpa said...

EL Fudge birthday cake? Oh, you do know your man.

Jenn O. said...

Awesome birthday ideas- I'm glad you had fun! Love the cake idea- very gourmet.

Jessica Draper said...

Happy birthday, Richard! Sorry we didn't make it.