Friday, August 10, 2012

stop to smell the roses

 That's good advice and all - but it's also good to get where you are going before the event is over.
 I let anna walk to the library.  I thought having her push a stroller would encourage faster walking.
It encouraged dilly dallying because she had to show Cookie Monster everything she knows about Sherwood.  "look cookie, those berries are poisonous, they will kill you if you eat them"  yup - she said all that.  I've got to be real careful about what i tell her!

We eventually got the library - a half hour late.  Ah well.  It was fun.


Liv said...

Aspen is learning to walk in flip-flops this week. SLOWEST WALKING EVER.

Trina said...

Haha! JJ and I have done that sooo many times! I learned I just have to not have a set time to be done with the (short) walk... It's so funny the things that slow them down and catch their attention! Makes you appreciate the little things (or get exasperated). :)

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Welp, it was worth a try. How funny!
Those berries are edible, I know because I watched my mom and step dad identify and then eat them. I would still feel uncomfortable doing so with all the spiderwebs and possible pesticides though.
P.S. Anna is so smart and so cute.