Saturday, February 18, 2012

me me me

Richard gave me the best valentines present ever this year.

He took Anna on an overnight date to his brothers house in Washington.

It's been WONDERFUL to be just me, even though it's only been a day.

I did all my house cleaning yesterday so I wouldn't feel obligated to do any today.

First thing I did was get a hair cut.  I've always wanted a pixie - so I finally did it!  I couldn't get a good pic but im sure you'll see it at some point.  (do note my 42" belly in the mirror pic!! - i mean how could you not??). 

Next I thought it would be fun to go shopping.  Because the only reason that I haven't been to the mall in ages is because I dont want to bring anna.....right??  WRONG.  The good thing about having a day to be yourself is that you can remember who you are what you really like to do.

I hate shopping.  That's what I learned today.

So I wasted 1/2 of my day doing something I forgot I hated to do.  But that's alright.  Now I'm home and Im going out for a walk (because I'm incapable of doing my first favorite thing - running) and I'm going to make some sort of lentils for dinner and read a good book.  Ahhh that's more like it.  Thank you honneyyy.

Wow, its been great to write a blog without any interruptions.  The end.  Oh if you were wondering baby is coming march 25, so that makes me like 8 months prego - don't ask me weeks b/c I'm not counting.


Liv said...

I'm not entirely sure that Kev would know how to keep Aspen alive for a 24-hr period without me.

So happy for you and your time to yourself!!!

Joanna and Chris said...

You look so cute. Hope you went to Yogurtland.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! LOVE the hair! You're making me want to cut mine. What a great V-day gift! I'm so glad you enjoyed at least half of your time. ;)

Heartfelt Blossoms said...

You must be your mothers daughter. I hate the mall too.

Trina said...

What an awesome present! Cute hair!!! I hate shopping too.

Michael and Heather said...

You look so great for 8 months prego! And I love your hair. I was reading comments on my blog the other day and read your questions about my green maternity top. I got it from Motherhod Maternity. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Good luck with this last month.

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Hahahaha awesome. Ironic that you get a day off and go do something you hate to do. Haha, I would probably find myself in the same irony if given the opportunity. "Oh, I have the day to myself, guess I better clean since Avrie's not here!" :) Smart, that you did that before. Your hair is so cute! I miss my short hair but I know that once I go pixie, I will never have the discipline to grow through the awkward lengths to get long hair again, so I'm growing it out until I am absolutely sick of it. You're tempting me though!