Wednesday, February 22, 2012

43 inches

my waist circumference.  I want to remember because I didn't record any info like this last time, but I would really like to know if I am bigger than I was with anna.

So I'm feeling fatter than I felt last time.  But at the OB yesterday I asked how much I weighed last time at 36 weeks: 186#

Ahh that's a good feeling.  I'm 14# lighter than that right now.

so glad that box of tagalongs I bought richard for V-tines day didn't do too much damage........

only 4 more weeks (pretty much)!


Kaelie Nielsen said...

Look who's counting weeks! Sounds like you're in the home stretch. I will be happy to take Anna whenever you need me to. You are a great mom and this newest little baby is one lucky girl.

Heartfelt Blossoms said...

Hang in there!!! It will be here soon. I cant wait to meet Miss Buhler.