Tuesday, February 14, 2012

anna's 18 month stats.

length vs. age: 33 inches (~75%)
wt vs. age: 31.4# (120% -??  way off the chart)
head circ vs age: 19.5 (? 110% just off the chart)
wt vs length: appears to be 120% - way way off the chart more than it's ever been

I don't care what they say.  We're going to skim milk. We eat  a pretty high fat diet.  We eat a lot of olive oil and anna eats at least 3 cans of olives a week.  She loves cheese (l-o-v-e-s) it.  She likes tuna with mayo.  Bread with butter (she sometimes tries to get on the counter and just eat butter - gotta watch this one!)

I'm sure she's getting plenty of fat in her diet.  No need to buy a different kind of milk for her anymore. 

What do you think Joyce?


pbuhler5 said...

I agree. BTW - I didn't think you would let her eat the popcorn - that is why is send her the little box of cookies. Rich said the loved the popcorn.

Liv said...

I totally agree that skim milk is fine. Especially if Anna was breastfed and got all that good stuff from Mama milk! That's the whole point of milk, isn't it? Brain growth? I don't really think kids need the fat from whole milk.

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Hahahahahaha that's awesome. I would go skim milk too.

Nicole Heiner said...

joyce - yeah there's no keeping anna from eating what we eat - and i looooved that popcorn!!

liv - yeah im glad you agree

Karen said...

Not a toddler expert as you well know, but I agree with your plan. I don't think Anna will ever be shopping in the petite section!