Monday, January 30, 2012

night night!

We've had some sunny days - so we've been out and about a lot.  Here anna is walking to the library.  I was really brave to take her without the stroller.  Should have known better - I carried her 80% of the way.  sometimes it's better to turn around - even if you are already 20% into the trip.
We usually go to the library "toddler time" every tuesday and thursday.  Just because I'm getting antsy to get out of the house while I still can - we've also added musical mondays at the local toy store to our weekly outings.  Anna likes it better than story time.  I think  its because the lady who leads it is really energetic.  Below is just a random picture of anna.  It's hard to take her pic because she never holds still lately.  Busy busy busy!  But look how cute she is.  Her hair is getting long and is still somewhat blonde.  She's just the cutest thing i've ever seen.
This movie is for gma and gpa buhler.  She's playing with the zoo she got for christmas.  At the end of the movie she puts the animals night night.  Usually when she does this she hunts down blankets and gives them kisses too.  She must have been in a hurry today.  She loves her toys!

lately I've started a new schedule for her.   Now that she's older its interesting to me to look back and see how my days used to go - so i think im going to keep blogging this.  At 18 months Anna's day goes something like this:

7 - wake up (soon as she gets up she says mooooommiiiieeeee - its going to be rough when i want to sleep in after baby #2)
8-10 eat bfast say bye to dad get ready  (we used to run during this time, but my 30# belly+milk ready boobs make even walking more than a mile unbearable anymore)
10-11:30 ish out and about  (story time, playgroup, music time)
11:30-12 lunch
12-1:30 nap (lately she only sleeps until 12:30, but I make her stay in there the whole time and sometimes she plays, sometimes she cries)
1:30-2 movie -  i like to have an extra half hour of reading or computer time before I'm on anna time
2:30-3 help with chores/play with mom (we mop, fold laundry, work in the yard on sunny days, organize closets)
3-3:30 - play alone in room (yup i shut her in there and she plays alone - now happily - it used to be the end of the world for a half hour, now she just hangs out, usually doesn't even play with toys, just lays on her bed and talks to herself)
3:30-4:30 - out and about - we like to visit friends at around this time - her favorite place to go is DOEY'S house (across the street - they've trained her to expect a cookie everytime she goes though - which is okay by me)
4:30-5 - play with mom (usually reading books or browsing sesame street online on the nook)
5-5:30 - movie while mom starts dinner (favorite lately is barney)
5:30-6 help mom with dinner and eat
7 - bed

It's a pretty chill life.  I'm so grateful I can stay home with anna.  I think baby #2 ought to fit just fine in here - im just hoping I can get her to nap during anna's down times...........


Breea Heiner said...

I am really glad you posted this schedule because it makes me realize that I need to find E more things to do outside of the house. And that it really is ok for me to just make her stay in her room during nap time even if she doesn't sleep. Anna is super cute with her little jungle. Can't wait to see you guys in July (wow that is forever away).

Cassidy&Dustin said...

That is what I did with Rylee and Miles. I made sure he took a nap when she did and it made it so I could nap or have a little time to myself! Anna sure is a cutie!