Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend to the MAX

Wow. That's what I call a weekend. We need a weekend break from our weekend.

So wed night when rich got home we went shopping at fred myers and ace. We bought tortillas and milk. Wahoo.

Thursday Rich played football with the ward. Anna and I did our usual 4 mile route. Turns out it's a perfect turkey trot route, so we got some good entertainment while running (if you count watching people dressed in turkey get up running good entertainment).

After that we raked our neighbors leaves.

Then I took the best hot bath bubble bath I've ever had while Richard watched football.

After that I cooked some stuff for T-day (brown rice hazelnut dressing which rich hated, roasted brussel sprouts - which are always a hit, pumpkin crumble - which is also always a hit, and poppyseed salad - yum).

We headed over to our friends the Lymans for dinner. It was very nice. Becky is a super good cook so everything was wonderful. Anna ate like a queen - and then when she was done with her tray she ate all the food off of her friends trays. What a monster. What 18 mo girl can make a 5 year old cry? I guess jello w/ marshmellos is not something to be shared.

We finished the night watching something lame on TV after anna went to bed. It was great.

Friday I worked - but first I went to freddy's and bought marked up 1/2 price boots, of which I took back later in the day. Rich and anna visited me for lunch. Anna was very naughty but after they left I heard a million times how cute she is. I knew I wasn't just biased.......

When I got home I was craving cheesy bread. Rich was demanding to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! he now knows the perils of being a stay at home parent. So we went shopping for a rocker recliner. I hate sales people so that didn't last long. But I was still craving that cheesy bread so we stopped by whole foods and got some pizza. Anna ate all mine. So we went home and took her to bed, after which we ordered a pizza from dominoes and ate the whole thing. I was so bloated I fell asleep on the couch while trying to stay awake to watch a movie.

Saturday we went hiking. Turns out I suck at choosing a hike and directing us where to go - so we parked at the wrong trailhead. Turned out to be a good hike anyways. Horsetail and pony tail falls. We hiked probably 3 miles and the end of the hike took us to a waterfall. Funny thing is the waterfall is right on the highway, about 1/2 mile down from where we parked. Our camera battery lies to us and says its charged when it's not. So we didn't bother bringing the camera. A nice lady offered to take pics and send them to us. Hence the pics.

Anyways, since we parked away from where the trail ended I decided to jog back to the car - full bladder and everything (seems that no matter how often I pee my bladder is full - darn baby). My clothes don't fit good, so I had to empty my pockets before jogging back to the car. Otherwise I would lose my pants while jogging. Hence, I gave rich my phone and he set it (naturally), on the trail head sign.

Turns out we left it and didn't realize until we stopped for lunch at ikea. Someone honest called and said she had our phone.

anna's begging to go outside to be continued later. We're back, 3 hours later. And anna sees the waterfall picture and says WAAAERRAALL. Awesome.

So anyways, this girl calls while we're at Ikea and says she'll meet up with us later so we can get it. How nice huH? While waiting for her to call we had lunch at Ikea, which is always good, mostly because it's so cheap and totally free for anna!! (this is important because it seems ridiculous to buy a meal for an 18 mo old - but if you don't buy a meal for anna you are forced to practice extreme portion control)

Alright, so we get home and Anna is asleep. I attempted to take a nap but couldn't sleep with the 3 football games going on in the front room. I went out and raked leafs instead. I needed to work off that pizza we ate the night before. While I'm out there slaving away rich says - Hey! Want more work to do? Actually he said "Someone's giving away black eye susan transplants" so I took em. Awesome. So I put those in and then was worn out.

After that we went to retrieve my phone ALL THE WAY back up by Ikea (it's by the airport in case you've been here - its far away). Then since we were in portland and since we bought a pass to OMSI we decided to stop by. wowsas.

After OMSI we hurried home and made an appetizer for a get together with some friends. That's right, we kept anna up past her bedtime. Super shame on us - anna was a monster the whole next day. We only kept her up until 8:30. Anyways, it was a lot of fun, the one game we played......

Sunday morning we made a turkey and mashed potatoes then went to church. Anna was actually good. We took her to nursery. Sunday night nothing exciting happened. I guess that's the end of our weekend! Hooray for a weekends to the max.

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