Saturday, November 19, 2011

"I had a purple punch" CRABS!

Nicole & anna and Richard. (beard guy)

Anna, do you want to play w/toys? I saw a tiger at the zoo! I want a horse. My favorite colors are purple and green. What are yours? "I love you! Animal. A bone from a dinosaur. Lollipops! I want a pet turtle, because I don't want a guinea pig anymore. Cat."

Nicole, Dog. do you have a dog? We had a party at school. We played games my favorite game was bingo. I was a mermaid for the party. we carried pumpkins, mine was a scary face. we also played buckets. you throw Balls. I hurt my finger on the shopping cart. " we Went to a doctors, I want you to see my bandaid. I cried. I need a pill today. We had a picture of my ouchie (x-ray). Long time ago we had stitches at my doctor." she was under the shopping cart where the "big " items go and stuck her finger under the wheel in the parking lot and it messed it up pretty bad.

"Its time to eat, I will get back after I get eat." I had a purple punch" CRABS! Do you want to catch more crabs? I want to come see you again.


THANKS Chloe, you made our day! Nieces/cousins are the best. Anna especially loved the baby card! (chloe is on the left in the picture up top)

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Hip Heiner Fun said...

Chloe says "Thank you for writing my card on your blog." "I love you"