Monday, November 7, 2011

A good gloomy weekend

Anna was getting a little stir crazy, so Richard decided to play a little game with her. She got REALLY excited. This is at the tail end, so she's a little more tame here. She loves her daddy! And for good reason!

Anna's hair is turning brown at the top ): She's still a pretty blonde right now though! Look how cute she is. I love this pea.

It was rather gloomy this weekend. Ah well. We still went running. Cleaned up the yard a little. And then, like the rest of Portland we went to OMSI.

We bought a pass to this museum and apparently it is really busy on saturday afternoons. Luckily, having a membership voids you of the big line. Anyways, anna had the time of her life and I enjoyed it much more since I only had to pick her up 1/2 of the time.


pbuhler5 said...

Is Anna's still Blue?

Richard and Nicole said...

anna's what?

pbuhler5 said...

Sorry left out eyes's. Are her eye's still blue? I wasn't feeling very good yesterday