Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Little Angel

My friend from church comes over every tuesday to play with Anna while I get some stuff done around the house.

She is a budding photographer and took these great shots of Anna!
The dress is from Anna's coolest Aunt - Aunt Joy (sorry other aunts)
So cute!
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Sherpa said...

Ah, Thanks.

Glad you like the dress, it looks lovely with her blue eyes!

Breea Heiner said...

SO Cute! The top picture maybe doesn't look so angelic though.....;) But the rest are beautiful, she is such a pixie.

amylynn said...

Where did all of the gorgeous blonde hair come from. What a cute girl. I can't wait to give her and you a squeeze in Oct.

LT said...

Beautiful little girl!

Kristin said...

She couldn't get any cuter!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Her hair is so light! She really is turning into such a beautiful little girl. She don't look so much like a baby anymore. Kinda sad huh?