Friday, August 26, 2011

3 years later my 2 months is up

When I started working in Salem I told Richard I would only work there 2 months. I knew I didn't like clinical dietetics. I disliked it in my internship. A lot. So much that I pretty much almost quit. And I Should have.

Anyways, so when I got that job in Salem I told my boss that I didn't love clinical dietetics but I knew I needed the job skills that it provided and was willing to do what it took to fulfill what the job requirements. So I did. But I still didn't like it. I liked the people. I liked having a job. But I didn't and don't love clinical work in a big hospital. See this blog post for an example of my feelings about work: 1-year 1-raise 1 unsatified worker. I know I am not alone - see the comments section. 3 of the commenters have my same profession.

Flash forward 3 years. Still working. I have Anna. I love my babysitter, but I really don't like leaving Anna for 10 hours every Wednesday and on weekends. Now they want me to do projects too. I'm not opposed to improving my skills and knowledge, but am opposed to doing it on my own time right now. I've got a max of 3-4 hours of "free time" everyday. 1.5 hours (if I'm lucky) during Anna's nap and another 2 hours after she goes to bed (if I go to bed when I want to). Usually 3 of those hours involve taking care of the garden and house. I don't want to spend my free time working on something I don't love and doesn't make me feel that I am contributing something to the world.

So I guess I am writing this blog because felt like I had to justify myself, but what I'm getting at is that I finally quit. Those 2 months lasted a looooong time. Ahhh freedom. I'm going to miss it, that's for sure (not freedom, but work). But its a big weight off my shoulders. And I still have another job. Yes, it's clinical, but its at a smaller hospital, so I only have to do what really needs to be done, which is nice. It's a good fit for me there and more importantly I get to do something I do love - which is talk with patients in an outpatient setting about their diets and educate them about how to eat better. It's fun to talk to people who want to change. I call to check on my patients and some of them are still losing weight (: Which makes me happy.

So anyways. That's that. Now I feel like I can be a better mom and wife and sister and daughter and friend. I listened to THIS talk by pres. monson - and I keep thinking that things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.


Heartfelt Blossoms said...

I'm proud of you and love you. Good things come when we follow our hearts and stay true to what we love. You might miss working but you will fill your extra time with more important things. I love you.

amylynn said...

Amen. All things will fall into place when you CTR.