Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mammas tak'n us to the zoo tomorrow

But we did not stay all day (sorry Raffi). The second tuesday of each month is only 4$ at the portland zoo - so Britt Jesse and I took the munchkins to the see the animals. I'm still trying to decide if the screaming car trip was worth it.......

However, someone did ask us if Anna and Zachie were twins. We haven't ever gotten that one before. But they are friends - although they did miss Avrie (come baaaack Kaelie!)

They do tend to stuff their faces together a lot. And they do both have blue eyes and light brown hair with blonde highlights. But zachie carries his weight in his thighs and Anna's is mostly in her gut.....
The smiths are very talented people, they posed sideways! I like how britt is looking at zachie in this picture.
sorry i couldn't help it. too hilarious.
Anna is flirting with strangers. Just as I thought, she enjoyed watching people a lot more than animals.
She got kisses from a goat. It made her a little nervous.Here she is flirting with strangers again. But I do think she could see the Zebra.
That backpack is heavy. Where is richard. What am I, a pack elephant?
Thanks for the zoo trip brittney it was a blast!


Kaelie Nielsen said...

Looks like so much fun! Perhaps we can all go together next month or so.

Liv said...

$4 is awesome! i got a groupon pass to the aviary in SLC and i'm waiting until aspen is a little older to use it. she likes watching birds out our windows, so hopefully the aviary won't be a bust.