Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pictures from another moms point of view

yes, more pictures of anna. we just can't get enough. my friend kaelie takes tons of pictures with her iphone. i love them because anna's always got this the "duh" look on her face.
anna is actually smiling in this picture! We get together every thursday at my house after baby time for lunch and play. It's good for anna to practice sharing her toys.
baby time toys yum yum.

lately anna does this thing where she breaths between her teeth with her jaw clenched. i think this likes playing with her new top teeth.
baby time. It's like story time at the library, but for babies. we read 1 book and sing rhymes while bouncing the babies on our laps. then the babies play with toys after. anna loves it.
kaelie watched anna for me the other day during my interview (i got a new job at providence newberg). attack of the babies!
kaelie and avrie at target dollar section.
anna's duh face..
anna and avrie at cosco. lov'n the double seated cart!
its tough fitting both babies on the corolla, but we make it work!


Sherpa said...

That fourth picture with her jaw clenched? My dad makes that face every once in a while.

Keeps the pics coming. Love em!

amylynn said...

This is was so my life 6 years ago... man things change from, hmmm... now, what am I going to do today when they are a little older.
love it up sissy!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Yeah buddy, good times. :)