Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Job

For the past 3 years I've been the itty bitty dietitian trying to catch up to my well seasoned co-workers. I've tried to learn as much as I can from them, but often feel that I am running to catch up with all that they know.

I got a new job at a small hospital that only employs 1 RD. They have a 4 bed ICU vs 30 bed ICU in Salem. Unlike my job in Salem, I have actually been able to give my new coworker tips and tricks and update her on some clinical information! Can you believe it - I actually have knowledge to give. I guess I have learned something in these 3 years of wasn't all just running and never catching's good to feel that you know something every once in a while.

But its sad leaving Anna another day a week, after I'm done training it will only be every once in a while at the new job. At least I know she's in good hands while I am gone (thank you Kristin and Brittney!)


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...


Kristin said...

That must be such a great feeling! I've never seen you in action as a dietitian, but I'm sure you're awesome!

Breea Heiner said...

I am so glad you like your new job.....but where is your cutie patootie baby?